Warehouse logistics

Our logistic centers in Bozhuriste and Lovech located strategically near main roads are available to our clients. Logistic processing and storage of palletized and bulk general cargo, groupage and full truck shipments is carried out at the terminals of Dreams Trans.

We offer the following logistic processing of freights:

  • unloading, loading and transloading;
  • consolidation of shipments;
  • splitting of shipments;
  • storage.


We have built a system for small size shipment on the territory of Bulgaria, Romania, Greece. We have different size vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems, ensuring reliability and timeliness of shipments. Once shipped to one of our warehouses, your shipments will reach quickly their final destinations.

Partial truckloads and groupage shipments

We are a company of long standing experience and we have established connections with reputed transport and forwarding companies in Europe, and with their help we can guarantee quality services. Working with reliable partners allows flexibility in offered transport solutions, optimization of costs and fulfillment of varied transport and logistic needs.

If you have loads smaller than a whole car or shipments – between 100 kg and 1000 kg in cardboard boxes or pallets, we will transport them from a point of origin to a point of final destination for an optimal time at competitive prices. We can load your Less than truckload (LTL) and groupage cargo from/to any point in Europe.

International transport – Full truckload

Dreams Trans EOOD is a company specialized in trucking. Currently we have 241 hauler trucks equipped with 13.60 m. standard or mega trailers – tripartite taut liner. Our trucks are operated by one or two drivers depending on the client and the shipment deadline.

We can transport or organize transport of your goods within one EU member state or between two or more EU member states.

All trucks are equipped with one of the best GPS – Logistic System – Fleetboard. This system allows our clients to track their goods at any time.

We are specialized in the transport of all types of goods – from standard freights (raw materials and goods) to special mega freights (3m height) and air freights. We can provide excellent service at a competitive price.

We offer:

  • Solutions for all types of goods (conventional, products requiring temperature control, hazardous freights);
  • Intensive traffic corridors for transport of goods from and to the Balkans and all EU countries;
  • Collection of goods and shipments in EU countries via a reliable network of partners;
  • Combination of long and short distance destinations for effective planning and costs;
  • Compliance with the requirements for quality and standards of clients and/or their specific requirements;
  • Additional services, such as exchange of pallets.