On 20.12.2023, DREAMS TRANS EOOD concluded a Financing Agreement No. BG-RRP-3.006-0141-С01 “Construction of new photovoltaic systems for own consumption in combination with batteries” under the “Economic Transformation Program” (PIT) to component ” Smart Industry” of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRSP).

The goals of the investment are aimed at restoring and developing the economic growth potential and competitiveness of the enterprise by reducing energy costs and dependence on the free electricity market.

Under the project, an activity will be carried out for the construction of 1 pc. a new photovoltaic installation for the production of energy from renewable sources for own consumption in combination with local energy storage facilities (batteries) in the company’s own properties in the village of Gurmazovo.

The implementation of the investment will result in:

Ø Ensuring relative independence and flexibility in the energy consumption necessary to carry out the main activity of the enterprise

Ø Reduction of energy costs

Ø Improving energy efficiency

Ø Reduction of the carbon footprint of the activity

The expected results of the implementation of the investment are: built 1 pc. a photovoltaic system with batteries, with which, in the long term, economically accessible energy will be provided for the main activity of “Dream Trans” EOOD.

Total value of the project: BGN 370,370.00, of which BGN 129,629.50 is European co-financing.

ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 14001:2015 , ISO 39001:2012