Dreams Trans EOOD offers land motor transport solutions to meet your business’s needs:

  • Timely delivery – our long standing professional experience and flexibility give us the opportunity to operate successfully on a number of different markets. The needs of our clients are our priority.
  • Security and reliability – our clients’ trust is at the foundation of our manner of work. The key to gaining that trust is providing safe and secure shipments, according to our client’s requirements. Regardless of the type of goods (conventional or dangerous), of domestic or international regulations (of the EU or outside), we combine compliance with the requirements with professional experience and ecological orientation in order to provide appropriate land motor transport solutions.
  • Cost reduction – It is very important to us to develop sustainable business, to find solutions for better employment of our resources and optimization of costs along the entire delivery chain.

Our clients can rely on:

  • An experienced highly motivated team to meet the needs of our clients;
  • Expert knowledge and experience in the work with different markets/regions;
  • Extensive experience of working with various types of cargo and industrial sectors.